Red Skirt Sangria Wines

We provide high quality Sangrias by using all natural tropical fruit juices blended perfectly with our all-time favorite Spanish varietal wines. We are committed to only using the finest ingredients to create unique flavors you would experience when making sangria at home.

Red Skirt Sangrias are bottled in Spain. We personally taste a variety of Spanish wines and natural fruit juices prior blending so you will experience unique flavor profiles that closely reflect our family’s homemade recipes. Every Red Skirt Sangria features distinctive ingredients that combine to form unique flavors.

Wine Evaluation Rated by The Sommelier Company.
Red Wine Sangria

Our full-bodied red wine Sangria is set off with the exquisite taste of all-natural tropical fruit juices and aromas blended with premium Spanish Tempranillo wine. Perfectly balanced at a mid-range of sweetness, it will satisfy every palate while providing a truly elegant finish. Rating: 91 Points, 10% ABV

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White Wine Sangria

Our delectable Airen and Macabeo Spanish white wines provide an exotic base to a Sangria that is set alive by the tropical tastes of passion fruit, kiwi, guava, and citrus juices. It is perfect to share with friends when you want to capture the sweet, laid-back vibes of the summer. Rating: 92 Points, 9% ABV

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Rose Wine Sangria

This unique premium Sangria uses Tempranillo Rosé wine blended with tropical fruit juices that have prominent strawberry notes delivering a refreshing and approachable experience. Crafted in a lighter style than our Red Skirt Sangria Red that keeps the refreshing fruity notes and an interesting finish. Rating: 89 Points, 9 % ABV.

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Our combination of premium Spanish Airen, Verdejo, and Sauvignon Blanc white wines are blended with all natural lemon and lime fruit juices to deliver fresh, margarita-like flavors for an exciting experience worth sharing. Rating: 91 Points 10% ABV

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4 Pack Premium Sangria’s

Enjoy this convenient 4 pack of Premium Sangria’s and Margarita Cocktail. Experience premium Spanish wines, Tempranillo, Macabeo and Airen perfectly blended with all natural fruit juices. Each drink has it’s own character, bold, crisp, light, sweet.

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